1500 4" DualSport Suspension - SC

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AEV’s 4″ DualSport SC Suspension System for the 2013-18 Ram 1500 introduces revolutionary design concepts and innovative engineering achievements to the aftermarket world of IFS suspension systems. AEV’s lineup of DualSport Suspension Systems have long been synonymous with the unprecedented combination of ride quality, handling and off-road performance they deliver. This IFS suspension system for the Ram 1500 is latest addition to the AEV DualSport family and raises the bar for all other premium suspension systems in the aftermarket.

It is no secret that trucks and SUV’s with IFS suspension systems are known for their superior ride quality both on and off the road. However, IFS suspension systems are far more complex than a traditional solid axle design, so it is imperative that each component that is replaced or modified is designed with the utmost attention to detail in order to maintain the vehicle’s superior ride quality. AEV’s team of suspension engineers have spent a considerable amount of time designing, developing and testing this IFS suspension system to ensure that it meets our standards both on road and off. Anyone who is familiar with AEV’s line of DualSport Suspension Systems has heard us talk extensively about suspension and steering geometry. Improving on or maintaining the factory suspension and steering geometry is the most critical design element for achieving a true, dual purpose suspension system. AEV’s 4″ DualSport SC Suspension for the Ram 1500 is no exception. Every suspension component included with this system is designed with the intent to preserve OE geometry and compensate for the additional ride height.

The backbone of the Ram 1500 DualSport Suspension System is AEV’s 4mm thick stamped steel skid plate. This skid plate not only offers a significant level of protection, it also serves as the new mounting location for the front differential. Removing the front differential mounting location from the OE engine mounts to the chassis avoids inner CV plunge-limited travel restriction that is otherwise needed due to the torque-roll of the engine-mounted front differential. By stamping this skid plate (as opposed to traditional press brake manufacturing) AEV was able to achieve a more exact fit, maximizing ground clearance.

Another critical component of this suspension system is AEV’s exclusive, military grade A206 T4 Aluminum Steering Knuckles. These aluminum steering knuckles are manufactured using a much higher grade aluminum than the factory knuckles, move the front hubs forward +8mm for additional tire clearance and offer a considerable reduction in unsprung weight (up to 25lbs!) when compared to many of the cast iron or steel steering knuckles commonly used in aftermarket suspension systems. This weight reduction plays a critical role in achieving the best possible ride quality and handling out of your truck.

OE front and rear coil springs are retained to preserve the OE ride quality and payload capacity. This also ensures that the intended ride height will be achieved on all cab, wheelbase and trim level combinations. The AEV-specific Bilstein 5100 series front height adjustable struts and rear shock absorbers that are included in this suspension system were developed jointly by Bilstein and AEV engineers exclusively for use with AEV’s Ram 1500 DualSport Suspension System. By utilizing digressive valving, these AEV/Bilstein 5100 shocks and struts offer substantial low-speed dampening. The dampening decreases as vehicle speed increases, providing a great ride quality over a wide variety of terrain.

AEV’s optional ProCal Module give Ram 1500 owners the ability to correct the speedometer when larger tires are installed. When the speedometer is left uncorrected, there is a major degradation in the performance of the stability control (ESP), transmission shifting, and engine performance. Additionally, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System can now be recalibrated to better suit larger diameter tires that may require a different air pressure than the OE tires.

Please note: This suspension system is not compatible with Ram 1500 trucks equipped with the factory air-ride suspension. This suspension system includes AEV’s new Low Profile Tie Rod Ends which allow the fitment of an 18″ wheel. Wheel offset/backspacing is critical, so AEV recommends an 18×8.5 with a 5.23″ backspacing or a 20×9 wheel with 5.25″ back spacing. Factory Ram 1500 20″ wheels will not fit without wheel spacers.