11 Inch High Torque Puller Fan Module Dual Chrome Plated Be Cool Radiator

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Fan Modules provide all the necessary components required to convert from a mechanical, engine-driven fan to an electric fan in one convenient box. Included in each module is an electric fan or fans, unique mounting brackets, and all wiring harnesses, sending units, relays, and fuses that are required for a successful installation.

These modules are available with single or dual fans for puller or pusher applications. They are an easy installation on a Be Cool Crossflow and/or Downflow radiator, or they can be adapted to your existing radiator or compatible aftermarket models.
Shrouded fan applications have locating mounting points for easy installation on the Be Cool fan brackets while the single fan only models come with mounting hardware that will bolt on to the Be Cool fan brackets. Both are designed and engineered for a precision fit. And they look great too!

Our wiring harnesses are manufactured in-house at Be Cool to ensure quality control levels are maintained to the highest standards. Also included in each Fan Module is a detailed installation instruction booklet with user friendly, easy-to-follow diagrams that will make your installation a breeze.

Everyone is looking to increase their gas mileage, and a little horsepower gain is always nice. Installing one of our Fan Modules will help. Install one today and stop looking at your temperature gauge. Instead, enjoy looking out your windshield while youre driving!

  • 11 Inch Dual Show and Go Shrouded Electric Fan Module
  • Shrouded Electric Fans w/ Polished Aluminum Fan Mounting Brackets
  • Polished Billet Aluminum Fan Motor Covers
  • Wiring Harness Kit w/ 195 to 175 Degrees F Sender and 40 Amp Waterproof Relay
  • Fan Motor: High Torque
  • CFM: 2725
  • Amp Draw: 33 Amps
  • Airflow: Puller
  • Fan Blade Shape: Paddle
  • Fan Blades: Dual
  • Fan Blade Diameter: 11 Inch
  • Unit Depth: 4.25 Inch
  • Made In The USA
  • Sold As A Kit
  • SKU: 98007


  • For 19 Inch Tall Crossflow Core