AEV Heat Reduction Hood

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Blending aggressive styling and real world functionality, AEV’s Heat Reduction Hood for 2010+ HD Ram trucks is far more than just an aesthetic upgrade. The two strategically placed vents in the AEV Heat Reduction Hood work in both static and dynamic situations to reduce the under hood temperatures while actively channeling water away from sensitive electronics. This is a must have upgrade for anyone towing up steep grades or traversing challenging terrain off-road at low speeds.

The AEV Heat Reduction Hood’s inner and outer surfaces are stamped out of 23-gauge galvanized steel to provide all the strength and rigidity you expect from a OE-quality replacement hood. All factory hinges and hardware are retained for an easy, no hassle installation. The AEV Heat Reduction Hood features an e-coat primer to fight corrosion and is shipped with two hood bezels that can be painted for a truly customized look.