Conversion Series Natural Finish Radiator for 94-03 S10 Pickup / Sonoma Pickup w/Std Trans Be Cool Radiator

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O.E.M. radiators are just that, O.E.M. They are designed to cool stock applications and overheating can take the fun out of using your specialty vehicle quickly. Now, Be Cool has your answer in one of six different radiator series: Direct-Fit, Aluminator, Qualifier, Universal, O.E. and Conversion.

Crossflow radiators are constructed with their tanks on the sides, while a Downflow radiator has its tanks on the top and bottom of the core. A commonly asked question is: Which is better, a Crossflow or Downflow radiator? The answer: Both will cool the same as long as the core surface of the radiator is the same in square inches.

Cooling monster motors, especially when faced with common problems like tight spaces and small grille openings can be a challenge. Be Cools cooling technology produces radiators that are 40 percent lighter than conventional O.E.M. units, yet have greater cooling power. Their epoxy-free construction provides better heat dissipation, too, while allowing complete repairability. A mirror-polished finish is an option on all Be Cool radiators.

High-quality Be Cool radiators are 100 percent made in the North America. Most are made for specific applications, fit without the need for major modifications, and are compatible with all coolants.

They can lower your coolant temperature a minimum of 20 degrees. In fact most customers report even greater coolant temperature drops. If you have a stock vehicle think O.E.M., but if you have a performance vehicle you should consider Be Cool!

  • Be Cool Single-Core Radiator - Conversion Series
  • Lighter Than O.E.M. With Greater Cooling Power
  • Aluminum Construction w/ Natural Finish
  • Crossflow Style
  • Horsepower Rating: 350
  • Engine: Small Block Chevy
  • Standard Transmission
  • Fitment Codes:
  • Dimensions: 32 Inches Wide x 18 Inches High
  • Made In The USA
  • Sold Individually
  • SKU: 65015


  • 94-2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup
  • 94-2003 GMC Sonoma Pickup