Harness Adapter for Brushless Fans Use With 75598 75532 and 75540 Be Cool Radiator

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The new Plus Series brushless fan technology is now available in the automotive aftermarket with the release of 9 Plus Series brushless fan models and accessories. Plus Series brushless fans feature completely seales IP68-certified waterproof motors with integrated power and signal electronics.

The brushless design reduces the number of wear components over traditional brushed technology to deliver remarkably longer-lasting motor life in addition to providing automatic power de-rating guaranteeing exceptional performance in over-temperature operating conditions. Be Cools Plus Series Brushless fans are specifically designed for applications where low power consumption, fuel economy, low weight, advanced electronic control and high efficiency are key requirements.

Be Cool Plus Series brushless motors have been designed to meet the highest engineering standards for both performance and durability and are recommended for Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Truck, Racing, and Off Road Vehicle applications.
Features and Benefits:

  • Soft Start technology that eliminates initial electrical in-rush spike. Thats a Plus!
  • PWM controlled for smooth and reliable operation. Thats a Plus!
  • Temperature sensor options for full variable speed control. Thats a Plus!
  • Reduced axial dimensions, low weight. Thats a Plus!
  • High efficiency, low noise and excellent resistance to vibration and harshness. That's a Plus!


  • Brushless Fan Harness Adapter
  • Use w/ P/N 75598/75532/75540 Fans
  • To Help Make Your Installation Complete
  • Sold Individually
  • SKU: 75521