Jeep 4 Link Kit Triangulated Rear Bare GenRight

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After years of beating on this kit running through the Hammers in Johnson Valley - Some of the toughest off-road terrain on the planet! This suspension has proven to be the best money can buy. This is the same kit we use on the Genesis MOD Class TJ Ultra4 car, and in Tonys red Jeep to pre-run for KOH. Our Double Triangulated 4 link Rear suspension Builders kit for those who want the best off-road performance. We have figured out all the mounting points for proper geometry (weight transfer, Rear steer and minimal anti-squat, etc.) to make your rig a top Notch crawler with awesome articulation And handle great on the street too! This kit Features a Completely New cross member that the upper and lower control arms mount to on the frame. The kit is designed to attach behind your transfer case skid plate. This Rear kit is also perfect for moving your Rear axle back, Stretching your wheelbase to the Magic 100+ when used with our EXT or Comp gas tanks. For you guys converting from leaf springs, you can say goodbye to axle wrap and all the issues associated with it! It Will be power to the ground and high clearance from now on. Kit Features:

Each mount is cut at an angle to keep the Johnny Joints in a neutral position so they Do noot waste any of the joints rotation and cause damage to the joint in those Crazy articulation spots on the trail.
Kit can be used with coilover shocks or your existing coil springs
Double triangulated 4 link design is the ultimate off-road
The mounts in this kit are universal and can be cut or trimmed to be mounted on any Jeep TJ or YJ
The frame side control arm brackets (Cross Member) are pre-welded and is to be welded permanently into place on the frame. The mounts Do noot tie into the transfer case skid plate. However, the crossmember does obstruct access to the transfer case for removal
Can be used with 14 inch travel shocks and is ideal for running Bigger tires

Kit Includes:

Heavy Duty 1/4 and 3/16 inch thick laser cut and CNC bent crossmember
Laser cut upper and lower control arm mounts for the axle
2 inch x .250 inch thick wall DOM tubing for the lower control arms
1.75 inch x .120 inch thick wall DOM tubing for the upper control arms
Left and right hand machined bungs to weld into the end of each control arm tube to make adjustments easy
Genuine Currie forged 1.25 inch shank Johnny Joints, at both ends of the control arm for easy adjustment! (which are greasable and rebuildable)
Unpainted Finish
Sold As A Kit


This kit is only recommended for Jeeps that are driven 80 percent or more off-road (trailer queens)
What makes it great off road, makes it more unstable on the road. This can be Compensated for with a sway bar, but that limits suspension articulation
Requires a 1 inch body and engine lift
Will Not work with Atlas 4 Speed transfer cases (just too Big)